When Can You Claim Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

There are many personal car owners who decide to buy car insurance with total loss only protection at this moment. Is it the right choice? Of course it is not right fully, especially if they always drive their vehicle. Realize that total loss only protection only guarantees minimal 75% loss. Therefore, if car just deals with minimum damage, insurers will never approve claim. Of course, this means that car owners must repair their car by using their own money. Realize to get high quality auto repair service, they must spend thousands of dollars.

asuransi mobil baruHow about you? Do you plan to buy car insurance in the near future? If you do, choose professional insurance companies and consider taking all risk car insurance  (comprehensive protection). Why? By taking comprehensive protection, you can claim your insurance police when:

Body of car is scratched

Sometimes, other drivers drive their vehicle as they like, graze other vehicles, and escape fast. When deal with this problem, most victims just keep silent and focus on looking their car. The worst part is they have to fix the problem by using their own money. In other hand, if you deal with this problem, no need to worry because you will get compensation from insurer for this problem. Remember to submit your claim as soon as possible.

Car is stolen

What do you feel when your lovely car is stolen? Of course you will feel sad, right? Yup, losing car is a nightmare, especially if you buy it by using your own money. Dealing with this problem is not a serious problem as long as you have comprehensive protection. Insurer will give you thousands of dollars as compensation. Of course, there is a process to be passed first. In general, car insurance company will wait the last police’s report about your problem. If your car succeeds to be found, insurer just gives some money for damage in car or asks you to bring your vehicle to its workshop partner. In other side, if police cannot be found your car anymore, insurer will give you much money as compensation.

Rear view mirror is broken

Even, when your rear view mirror is broken because of being grazed or hit by other driver, you can remain claiming your insurance policy. Is it true? Yes, of course, insurance company will replace the broken rear-view mirror with new one with the same quality. What if this car component is stolen? This includes in comprehensive protection so no need to worry about this.

Well, what are waiting for?

Be Careful If You Look for a Car Insurance Agent!

bandingkan asuransi mobilA number of people choose to hire a car insurance agent in order to help them out in buying and processing auto insurance. Moreover, for those who are new to this in which they assume that insurance agent will professionaly solve any issue they face. A car insurance agent does have enough knowledge and experiences in insurance. They also already have the authority from insurance company for working.

However, that doesn’t mean you can directly trust any agent and or choose one randomly without proper consideration. In general, insurance agent will:

Tell you only the good things about the insurance

Indeed, most insurance agents tell customers only about the good sides of products that they offer. It’s sales and marketing strategy for sure in order to attract people to buy the car insurance products. Maybe you will hear they say that the insurance products give you plenty of benefits, inexpensive premium, and much more. There’s also a big possibility that you find the agent annoying because of talking to much when explaining the products. The most important thing is that you have to note and hear it in detail. For them, it’s impossible to share bad sides to the potential custoers.

Probably tell lies

Smart buyers or customers have to beware of this. Not every word they said is true. Perhaps, some of them are not trustworthy. Yes, you have to be careful because some agents can tell lies especially for knowing that the potential customers are newbies or seem like they don’t know anything at all. For instance, they tell you that the car insurance provides full coverage including for fraud, but in fact, there’s no that feature. To avoid this issue, you have to take a preventive action by checking on the car insurance company’s site.

Charge you high amount of money

Last but not least, a unreliable car insurance agent likely makes you spend a lot of money. Actually, they already get the wage from insurance provider they are working in. However, the customers are surely charged or required to give commission for them as well. If you don’t want to waste much money, make sure to ask and negotiate in the beginning, okay!

Increasing your knowledge and gathering much information about the car insurance is somehow important for anyone including you who decides to buy insurance soon. While getting helps from a car insurance agent, it’s better for you to visit this link (link ini). From that website, you are able to compare car insurance products available today and get to know more in detail. Top auto insurance products are Avrist, Allianz, Bess, Sinarmas, Adira, Zurich, and so on.