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When Can You Claim Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

There are many personal car owners who decide to buy car insurance with total loss only protection at this moment. Is it the right choice? Of course it is not right fully, especially if they always drive their vehicle. Realize that total loss only protection only guarantees minimal 75% loss. Therefore, if car just deals […]

Be Careful If You Look for a Car Insurance Agent!

A number of people choose to hire a car insurance agent in order to help them out in buying and processing auto insurance. Moreover, for those who are new to this in which they assume that insurance agent will professionaly solve any issue they face. A car insurance agent does have enough knowledge and experiences […]

Common Problems related to Car Insurance

As a car insurance agent, I face a lot of problems in running this job because it’s not as easy as it seems. Sometimes I deal with difficult customers and sometimes it’s hard to attract the new ones. If you are also working as a car insurance agent, you absolutely got what I mean. Even […]