Common Problems related to Car Insurance

car insurance3As a car insurance agent, I face a lot of problems in running this job because it’s not as easy as it seems. Sometimes I deal with difficult customers and sometimes it’s hard to attract the new ones. If you are also working as a car insurance agent, you absolutely got what I mean. Even so, I consider all problems as challenges to get motivated.

In fact, there are so many things that I learn from this job. Aside from gaining new experiences and meeting many new people, becoming an insurance agent also improves my communication skill. Further, I recently found out that generally there are several problems that occur related to car insurance. Here they are with the explanations or solutions:

Expensive premium

After doing a small research and comparing various car insurance types, I discovered that a number of available insurance from top companies are too expensive. That’s why people don’t want to insure their cars because car insurance premium isn’t suitable for their monthly income. They ignore the importance of car insurance by the reason of expensive premium that they cannot afford.

Well, actually when it comes to car insurance premium, all potential customers need to know that there are several factors that influence the amount charged, such as:

  • Year of car production
  • Current price of car
  • Car condition
  • Identity of owners (age, occupation, etc.)
  • The policy of each car insurance provider

Rejected claims

Another common problem that happens in some cases is claim rejection. Car insurance companies reject the insured when filing a claim. This is obviously such disappointment for insurance policy owners since they cannot get what they need. Some people even take a legal action and bring the case to court to get justification. The problem is getting more complicated, right?

Well, the rejection of car insurance claim is caused by several factors. You cannot completely blame on the car insurance company for this case because the problems might come from the customers. Pay attention to the list of some common mistakes done by the insured that cause claim disapproval below:

  1. Submit incomplete documents. One of the main requirements in claiming car insurance is to submit all documents required without missing any of them.
  2. Include fake proofs and documents. In order to get the coverage, some bad guys pretend to get accident or loss in which the fact isn’t so. Don’t do that because your application won’t be approved!
  3. Do claiming over the predetermined time. In general, insurance companies let customers report about 3 x 24. Thus, you don’t need to be confused why the claim is rejected if you do it more than predetermined time.

Poor repair services

Some people who have auto insurance also get an annoying issue regarding to car repair service. After experiencing a collision that causes damage, they bring the car to the auto repair service that is the partner of insurance companies. However, the result is not as good as they imagine. This is probably caused by unprofessional technicians. Insurance companies probably do not build relationship with reliable auto repair shops that impact on the customers.

Regardless of the problems above, you do still need insurance anyway. Want to know the best auto insurance for your need? the best insurance portal.

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